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New Life midwifery, LLC is founded on the principles of holistic midwifery. We can help you in a variety of ways. Please contact us with any questions.

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Home Birth / Full Midwifery Care

Give birth in the comfort of your own home

Prenatal care starting at 8 weeks, nutritional and herbal counseling, 36 week home visit,  labor and birth support, immediate postpartum herbal bath, 24 hour on call availability, 1-2 postpartum home visits full postpartum care for the first 8 weeks. $5500

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Postpartum Care Only

Give birth elsewhere? We can still help!

There are many reasons to give birth in the hospital but you and your baby still deserve the best comprehensive postpartum care. We will come to you for your first visit, be on call 24/7 for questions, check baby's weight, help with breastfeeding etc for the first 8 weeks. $1200

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Doula or monitrice labor support and education 

Labor support and advocacy

Supported labors just go better. You need an advocate, someone to hold space, comfort you and offer advice and support during labor and birth. $1250


Prenatal and postpartum care for hospital birth 

A perfect compromise 

We are able to provide prenatal and postpartum care for low risk moms wanting to birth with the hospitalist midwives at Henrico Doctors Hospital $3500

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Childbirth Education

The more you know, the less fear you will have!

  Come, get comfortable  and learn all about the physiology of labor and birth. Practice relaxation exercises, learn about breastfeeding, ask questions... The more you know, the more empowered you will be. This is a great way for partners to learn and feel productive. Our desire is for you to leave this class feeling like you do not have to be afraid of the process. You will have the knowledge to practice relaxation, mindfulness , positions for labor comfort, spinning babies techniques and many more practical skills. (10-14 hrs of teaching plus audio files)


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Placenta Encapsulaton or Processing

Nourish and replace hormones

Your placenta is an amazing temporary organ filled with bio identical hormones and iron filled blood. Many people around the world believe that consuming placenta is nourishing and replenishing. There are many ways to go about this. We can process your placenta for smoothies, tincture or encapsulate it. 


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Nutritional consultation

Feel your best, nourish your body and baby!

Diet is so important to your health and to growing a health baby. Pregnancy can cause nausea and other not so fun symptoms which are sometimes helped with dietary tweaks.  We can look at your current diet, make some suggestions, help with healthy alternatives for your cravings and make sure you are getting the very best nutrition to ensure you stay healthy and grow a perfect baby.

 $150 plus labs if needed 

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Lactation Consultation

Personalized breast feeding support

We can help with latch issues, supply issues, weight gain, assessing oral tethers, and more. 
$150 per visit

Services: Treatments & Services
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