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New Life Midwifery, LLC

MamaBaby care and Home Birth in Richmond and surrounding areas

  We are committed to helping you have a safe and empowering pregnancy and birth experience. When you choose to birth with us, you are investing in changing maternal and infant mortality in low resource settings worldwide, one birth at a time.

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Meet our team

CPMs are the only health care professionals trained exclusively in out of hospital birth. Your safety is our first priority. We are committed to offering you informed consent and education as you navigate all of the decisions involved with having a baby.

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LeaAnna H Miller

Head Midwife/Owner

  I am so happy to be serving the families of Richmond. I had eight home births myself  beginning in 1995. Those experiences shaped my view of physiological birth and flamed my desire to be a midwife. I wish every woman everywhere could feel supported, heard and loved during their pregnancy. My passion is holding space for women as they do something they never dreamed they could do. I love traveling, working in low resource settings, learning about other cultures, hiking, reading, music, riding my horse, any form of fire  and spending time with my awesome family. I am finishing my certification in craniosacral therapy and myofascial release this year and am trained in breech without borders as well as certified to teach helping babies breathe and helping mothers survive bleeding globally. 


Tricia Flanagan, CPM, LM, CLC

Office manager/Lactation counselor/ staff midwife 

I’m so excited to be on this team. I’m a homeschooling mom of four who enjoys a plethora of things; Jesus first, followed by dabbling with herbs, tinctures, gardening and soap making. Not only do I enjoy serving on the paperwork side of things, I love helping our moms with lactation consulting.  I struggled to nurse my first son and needed help to be successful. Now I’m currently nursing a toddler and over the years have offered  to other moms who needed help. Now, I’m making it official by completing my certificate. I can’t wait to help other achieve their breastfeeding goals. I recently finished my training and got my Midwife credentials and Va state board of medicine license ! 

"There is a secret in our culture and it's not that birth is painful, it's that women are strong!"     -- Laura Harm


Frequently Asked Questions

Holistic Midwifery care questions

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How is New Life midwifery, LLC different from other midwives?

   We are committed to holistic midwifery and the midwives model of care. We are fully invested in helping you make informed choices, supporting you through those choices and offering advice based on our experience and knowledge. We believe that diet, lifestyle and mindfulness are as important as medical care. We will suggest herbs, homeopathy and nutrition whenever applicable and offer you resources for more medical management is ever needed. 

  We believe that pregnancy is not a disease and no woman should have to be afraid to have her baby. We are committed to investing in families worldwide. We donate, volunteer and teach in low resource settings where these services are crucial. You are investing in this work if you choose to birth with us. Together we can make birth safe for every woman. 

Who can have a Homebirth ?

  Mothers who are low risk, committed to taking good care of themselves and baby and who live in a safe, healthy environment.

Do you take insurance?

  Insurance does not cover out of hospital birth with a CPM.   We are happy to document your care and encourage you to ask for reimbursement from your insurance. We will work out payment plans so that no-one has to make this choice based on finances. Most insurance policies will cover your lab work and ultrasounds. 


Feedback We’ve Received

We love hearing from our clients

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I have known and received care from LeaAnna during my last two pregnancies and births. She assisted with the birth of my daughter and then a short time later, I had the blessing of her being my midwife and delivering my last son. Not only as a mother, but also as a midwife myself, I struggled to find a provider that I could feel comfortable and safe with. I can say without reservation, LeaAnna not only is one of the most caring and compassionate people I know, but also one of the most safe, knowledgeable, and trustworthy midwives. During my pregnancies, I always anticipated my prenatal appointments with such joy. I loved knowing that I had a midwife who not only listened to and supported me, but one who also provided sound unbiased information and guidance. Her presence at my births is forever etched in my mind. I am eternally grateful for all she did to keep my babies and I safe, as well as comfort and strengthen me as a woman and mother. After the birth of my son, I continued to feel so cared for. From the herbal baths, the phone calls, and visits, I never felt alone. Thank you LeaAnna for being such an amazing midwife! You have touched me and my family more than you'll ever know.

Carly Tyler, CNM, Newport News

We are very blessed to have LeaAnna as our midwife. She was an assistant in the delivery of our first born. LeaAnna flowed smoothly with my family and birthing team. I was nervous as a new mom when our laboring was long with little progress, but I trusted LeaAnna as she encouraged me to follow my body. I knew I could trust her because she had birthed all eight of her own children at home.

LeaAnna's experiencial knowledge of home birth meant very much to my husband and me. So we decided that we wanted LeaAnna as our midwife for our second child. We are so glad we did! She remembered what care choices we made for our first pregnancy, and spends her time serving our current needs rather than repeating a checklist. 

We are also thankful that she is able to serve us in our home and with little medical interference. She makes us feel heard, understood, supported, and cared for in the way we want and to the fullness of her knowledge and experience.

Emily Bane, Mechanicsville, VA

If you’re considering giving birth naturally and you have any hesitations at all, go talk to LeaAnna. Seriously. She’s incredible! She helped us with our questions about everything from diet to the stages of pregnancy to the birthing process itself. She was always available, night and day and was consistently kind to us (even when we woke her up at 4 AM). Even though we’re now out of state, when my husband and I talk about trying for our next baby, our first response is “How do we get to LeaAnna?”
Give her a call! She is so great!

Fernanda Hazzard, Pennsylvania

   LeaAnna and Ariana, You two ladies are amazing and I'm thankful for you! You helped me reach the desire/goal of homebirth successfully. It was painful but incredibly rewarding...(not sure I could have done it without you) Thank you for loving Jesus and being His hands and feet in my life. I highly recommend New Life Midwifery. The approach these ladies take on health and well being will not compare to  hospital birth. Also, after baby Ezra arrived, I struggled with care for my special needs 4 year old and new baby...I was a mess but was constantly reassured by these Midwives (in many ways) that I could do this! Nursing was another struggle. LeaAnna and Ariana went out of their way to answer texts, phone calls and house calls through out the night and morning (with tears in my eyes) equipping me and reassuring me that I can do what's best for the new life that was given to me. New life midwifery made my home birth experience peaceful and joyful! During a season in life, such as pregnancy, us women need to be uplifted and encouraged. Having ladies like LeaAnna and Ariana in our corner helps us thrive. With no hesitation, I will contact you again for services in the future (if needed)

Sharon Coleman, Petersburg

LeaAnna & Ariana both made me feel so comfortable & well taken care of during my first pregnancy... I knew I could trust their judgment because they’ve both had babies themselves, plus their gentle & fun loving approach is hard to resist. Also.. pushing out a baby felt pretty hard 🙈, but Ariana was there and encouraged me through it all! I feel very lucky to have had such a great experience with midwifery, for my first baby!

Renita Kuepher

I cannot recommend LeaAnna enough! She attended the birth of our third baby as an assistant, and when I got pregnant again, there was no question who I wanted to walk me through the journey. LeaAnna is calm, motherly, supportive, and dependable, and she exudes grace and a deep love for her work. She knows her stuff and is a wealth of helpful information. I keep recommending her to my mommy friends, and I’ll say it here too. This lady is a treasure!

Kendra Sensenig

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